News and Updates:

  • Sep/2017 - big_human_update - Update the human interaction data. Number of interactions grows from 5 to 30M.
  • Sep/2017 - Graph_Module - Other species integrated into graph module.
  • Sep/2017 - Database_Optimization - Database optimization. Queries should run faster now.
  • Jun/2017 - graph_module - new network module based on d3.js is integrated.
  • Jun/2017 - dog_and_cow - prediction data for two new species Canis familiaris and Bos taurus were inserted.
  •

New version of miRWalk

miRWalk is an improved version of the previous database (i.e. miRWalk). The new version of miRWalk stores predicted data obtained with a maschine learning algorithm including experimentally verified miRNA-target interactions. The focus lies on accuracy, simplicity, user-friendly design and mostly up to date informations. More information can be obtained under Frequently Asked Questions.

Search for a single gene or miRNA

miRNAs: miRNA names (e.g. hsa-miR-214-3p) or Accession numbers (e.g. MIMAT0000271) based on current miRBase. While searching single miRNAs, also short names or family miRNA(e.g. let-7) belongs to several miRNAs are also acceptible. A list of miRNAs will be shown. mRNAs: Official Genesymbols (e.g. GAS2), EntrezIDs (e.g. 10608), Ensembl-IDs (e.g. ENSG00000148935 or ENST00000454584) and RefseqIDs (e.g. NM_001143830) were accepted.

Target Mining

The Target Mining page provides an advanced search option for several miRNAs or gene targets. You may provide your own miRNA or gene list. Alternatively, you may choose the pre-compiled pathway gene list from the page [not implemented yet]. When searching for miRNA gene targets, full mature miRNA names are required. For the search of miRNA regulators, you may provide either NCBI gene IDs or official gene symbols.

Beta version of miRWalk

Please remember, this version of miRWalk is still in development. The Core of the data (gene target interaction) are final and can be used. Some functions could not working or are not implemented yet. For bug reports, comments or suggestions, please email to mirwalkteam (mirwalkteam [at] This would help us to build a database for the science community.